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Can I Do V.92?

There are 3 Requirements:

1.  A V.92 modem in your computer.

If you purchased your computer from Lindberg Information Technology after January 2001, it has a top quality, US Robotics V.90 modem in it, which is upgradeable to V.92. Go to www.usr.com/v92/v-qualify.asp  for the FREE upgrade.

To identify your modem:

    For Windows 95/98/ME:

        Open My Computer, Control Panel, Modems.  If you have a V.92 Modem, It should be listed in

         the description of the modem in the main box on this screen.


    For Windows XP:

        Go to Start, Control Panel.  (If in Category View, click on "Switch to Classic View")  Open Phone &

        Modem icon.  Click on Modems tab.  If you have a V.92 Modem, It should be listed in the description of the modem in the

        main box on this screen.

 If you have a V.90 modem, contact your computer manufacturer to find out if your modem is V.92 upgradeable. Be sure to ask if your modem supports all the features of V.92.  (Modem-On-Hold, Quick Connect, and Fast Upload)   If it does not, we will install a quality full-featured US Robotics V.92 modem in your computer for $49.99.  Our experience over the years has shown that you will be happiest with a USR modem!



 with a US Robotics V.92 modem pre-installed!  To see all our new blazing-fast Pentium 4 Systems, click here, then come see us to learn the many reasons why you will enjoy one of our top-quality systems!

 2. Call Waiting Service on your phone line.

    Contact your local phone company to enable Call Waiting.

 3.  33,600 bps minimum connection speed.

Your existing phone line must provide at least a 33,600 bps connection speed  (Assuming you have at least a 33.6 k modem) for all the features of V.92 to work. To check this, while on the internet, double-click on the little picture of the 2 computers on your task bar, beside the time in the lower right corner of your screen.  A screen will pop up, showing your connection speed in bps.  If it is 33,600 or better, V.92 IS FOR YOU!  You may want to log onto the internet a few times to ensure you consistantly connect at 33,600 or better.

I have the above requirements.  Now what?

Call us at 265-1800 to upgrade your service to V.92.  Upgrading existing customers to V.92 is FREE.  For new customers, there is a $12 setup fee, the same as our Basic Service plan.

Consult your modem software instructions for configuring your new V.92 modem.

You are now ready to enjoy the best V.92 from Lindberg Information Technology!

For more in-depth info about V.92, go to www.USR.com/v92 .

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