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Windows XP V.92 Service Setup


Joining Our Internet Service Is As Easy As 1-2-3!


Print and save this document for future reference.

Call 265-1800 to set up your account.

After you select your user name and password, follow these 3 simple steps:


1 Set up Dial Up Connection

Click on Start.  Click on Control Panel.  If not in Category View, click on “Switch To Category View on left side of screen.  Click  Network & Internet Connections.  Click Setup or Change Internet Connection.  Click ADD.  Choose "Dial Up To Private Network”.  Click Next.  In Phone Number box, enter 265-2200.  Click Next.  In Connection Name box, enter Lindberg Tech.  Click Finish.  In User Name box, enter your email address in ALL LOWER CASE LETTERS.  (For example, john@greatlite.com)  In password box, enter your password in ALL LOWER CASE LETTERS.  Click OK.  If Lindberg Tech is not set as default connection, click on it and click on Set Default button.  Click on "Always Dial My Default Connection".  Click on General tab.   In Home Page box, enter http://www.greatlite.com .  Click Apply, then OK.  Close Control Panel.   

2.  Set up Email Address

Click Start.  Click on Email Outlook Express.  (If you don’t get Email Setup Wizard, go to Tools menu and click Accounts, then  ADD.)  In Display Name box enter your real name.  Click Next.  In Email Address box, enter your email address.  (For example, john@greatlite.com)  Click Next.  In Incoming mail server, enter pop.greatlite.com .  THIS MUST BE SPELLED PERFECTLY!  In Outgoing Mail Server box, enter smtp.greatlite.com .  THIS MUST BE SPELLED PERFECTLY!  Click NextEnter Account Name, which is the portion of your email address BEFORE the @ sign.  DO NOT enter the @greatlite.com portion.)  In Password box, enter your password in ALL LOWER CASE LETTERS.  DO NOT check "Log on using secure pasword".  Click Next.  Click Finish.  Close Outlook Express.

3.  Testing Your Internet Explorer Settings

Click Start.  Click Internet Explorer.  Internet Explorer should show Lindberg Tech Dial Up Connection screen.  (If it doesn't, from File menu, choose "Work Offline" to remove the check mark beside it.  Close Internet Explorer and try it again.)  On dial up screen, click on Connect button.  Your Home page, www.greatlite.com should load.  Close Internet Explorer.