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As the oldest locally-owned ISP providing service to the DuBois-Brockway area, you will find

"Our experience will make

your internet experience

more enjoyable!"

If you are not one of our current subscribers, Click here to see how EASY it is to join!

We have 3 GREAT Service Plans:


LITEning FAST Internet - Up to 5x!


Enjoy surfing the internet up to 5 times faster!

14 day FREE trial!

This is our great V92 unlimited service with acceleration!  For only $3 / mo. extra, you can enjoy our V92 service at up to 5x faster.  Absolutely the best available dial-up plan!

For your 14 day FREE trial, click here.

Our V92 plan provides unlimited access to the internet at only $19.95/ mo.,   Eliminate your second phone line and save $250 per year!




With V.92 modem technology, you don't need a 2nd phone line for your computer.  SAVE  $250 per year! 

What is V.92?


Feature 1:  Modem-on-Hold - Answer a voice call while on the the internet!


Feature 2:  Quick Connect - Your computer will connect in 5-10 seconds!  No wait while your modem "squeals and squeals" to make a connection!


Feature 3:  Faster Upload Speed - Send emails & attachments up to 50 % faster!


You may also see an increase in your connection speed of up to 25 %, depending on your particular phone line.


Can I do V.92?  For details,  Click Here


Enjoy the blazing speed of High Speed Broadband Internet Access with a 2 Way SatelLITE - up to 50 times faster than dial-up!

No phone line dial-up service is needed.  Web uploads and downloads are done entirely by satellite at high speed.  With DirecWAY's 99/99 program, you will enjoy high speed internet for $99.99 down, then $99.99 /mo. during a 12 month contract.  After the first 12 months, the monthly rate drops to $59.99.

FREE DirecWAY Satellite Dish, FREE Standard installation!


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