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Internet Payment Policy

1.  An email bill will be sent on or about the 15th of each month, notifying you of a payment due for the following month.

2.  Each month’s payment is due on the 1st day of the month.

3.  There is a late payment “grace” period until 5 pm on the 7th of each month.  Although considered late, there is no penalty for payments received during this late payment period. If the 7th falls on a weekend or holiday, the late payment period is extended until 5 pm on the next business day.

4.  If payment is not RECEIVED by the end of the late payment period, your service will be de-activated.  There is a $12.00 re-activation fee to reinstate your service. 

5.  Your service will not be re-instated until receipt of payment for the month’s internet service AND the re-activation fee.


Provide us with your credit card number as a back-up.  If we don’t receive your payment on time, we can charge your credit card and your service will not be de-activated.

Send your payment in the mail promptly so that it arrives at our location by the due date, which is the 1st of each month.  

When you receive your email bill, immediately print a copy of it and put it with the rest of your bills which are coming due.

Make a note on your calendar on the 1st of each month: “Internet Payment Due”

 Service Terms

By paying for your Internet account with Lindberg Information Technology, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Lindberg Information Technology assumes no liability and provides no guarantee for the information you access on the internet. (This includes, but is not limited to, information reliability, legality, decency, or accuracy).  Lindberg Information Technology is not responsible for any temporary loss of internet access or any loss or damage you experience due to a loss of internet service.  Lindberg Information Technology makes no warranties of any kind for your internet service access and assumes no liability for any loss, damage, or injury you incur by using our system.  Lindberg Information Technology is also not liable for any claims or attorney fees you incur for use of our system or temporary loss of service.

Lindberg Information Technology respects the privacy of your email.  However, do not consider email as secure on the internet.  It is not advisable to send your credit card number in an email message.  You must remember that a third party can intercept email messages, both for legal and illegal purposes.  We reserve the right to look at your email, if we believe it is necessary, to protect our system or other users.  If illegal activity is detected in your email, we reserve the right to reveal it to legal authorities.

Lindberg Information Technology retains control of web page and file transfer area information published on our server.  Indecent and inappropriate information will be removed.

Lindberg Information Technology reserves the right to deny use of our equipment if the usage is a violation of our policies and these service terms.

User Responsibilities

You may not use our system in performing any illegal activities.  Do not use our system in any activity related to any crimes, such as illegal drugs, pornography, gambling, etc.  Do not use our system to spread computer viruses or to breach the security of our system or any other computer system on the internet.  Do not use our system for credit card fraud or to pirate software.

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