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Why Join GreatLITE.com?

  1. FREE, friendly, and personal Technical Support.  In most instances, when you call us,  you will get a human on the first ring!

  2. FREE Email Virus Scanning

  3. FREE SPAM filtering

  4. FREE 10 megabyte personal web page

  5. EASY setup - no setup disks or CDs - just our simple 1-2-3 Setup Guide

  6. TELL A FRIEND Referral Plan - Win FREE internet by referring your friends to our service!

  7. Registered domain web hosting - www.your_company_name.com

  8. We have the best, state-of-the-art 3COM modem equipment in the industry, ensuring you get a good, reliable connection.

  9. No long-term contracts to sign - we believe you will stay with us because of our service, not because of some binding contract.  We have great service, month after month!



If Brockway is a local call for you,

join your neighbors who are already enjoying our

LOCAL internet service.

Call 265-1800 today!


Joining Our Internet Service Is As Easy As 1-2-3!


Click on the operating system of your computer for setup instructions.

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